Tribunal - C Duque

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Tribunal - Conde Duque

Malasaña is a vibrant neighbourhood full of lively bars and clubs overflowing with young people. Its streets are currently being renovated, making it a much more attractive quarter (the streetworks are almost finished). It's one of the classic areas for partying the night away. The area's center is Plaza del Dos de Mayo and the people who hang around this area proudly call themselves 'malasañeros'. Bars are usually crowded on weekends with all sorts of people from hard rock lovers to the trendiest fashion followers. In the clubs the age group is generally between 17 and 25, but there's space for any age group here. The renovation seems to be attracting a growing number of good, reasonably priced restaurants . Most of the accommodation in this area consists of cheap hostels and pensiones, some of which are among the best value in the city. Calle Fuencarral, Conde Duque, Callao and Bilbao define the limits of this zone.

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