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At "Discover Madrid", we are proud to present a team of exceptional authors, each with a unique perspective and a deep passion for our beloved city. From immersive narratives that take you through the history-filled streets of Madrid, to detailed analysis and recommendations that will make you see the city with new eyes, our authors are the heart of our platform.

Miguel RodriguezMiguel, a passionate Madrileño, has dedicated years to sharing his love for Madrid. Through his enthusiastic and expert eye, Miguel invites you to discover the best of Madrid. Connect with him and explore his work. here.

Marcos Daron is Madrid's storyteller who masterfully intertwines history and fiction, revealing Madrid's secrets in each of his captivating tales. Discover Madrid through his eyes here.

Kimo Wegner brings his expertise in digital marketing and WordPress to provide objective reviews and useful recommendations. His unique approach presents Madrid information in an attractive and accessible way. Connect with Kimo at LinkedIn and find out more at Read his contributions here.

Sharon Guedez reveals the mysteries of Madrid through her fascinating stories, where history intermingles with imagination. Embark on a literary journey around Madrid with Sharon here.

Gabriela Lora shows his passion for Madrid in narratives that skillfully fuse tradition and modernity. Discover his unique vision of Madrid here.

Diana Sandro uses his elegant pen to draw Madrid in deep narratives, where history, romance and suspense intertwine. Explore Madrid through his stories here.

Alejandra Mora offers an in-depth view of Madrid, capturing the city's rich history along with the complexity of the human condition. Read his in-depth works here.

Each author brings their unique voice to our mission to discover and share the beauty, history and vibrant spirit of Madrid. We invite you to explore, read and connect with these talented writers who make "Descubre Madrid" such a special space.