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The Complete Guide to the Best Museums in Madrid

The Complete Guide to the Best Museums in Madrid

If you come to visit the capital of Spain, don't miss out on the Museums in Madrid. Madrid is a tourist destination that receives many visitors throughout the year becoming one of the favorite routes in Europe and the world. This fact is a consequence of the fact that the capital of Spain invites us immediately to live its festive atmosphere and filled with an exuberant culture.

In this sense, we have extraordinary destinations such as The art walkformed by El Prado Museumone of the most famous art galleries in the world. Along with the Thyssen Museum and the Reina Sofia Museum of ArtThis is a destination that is a must-see event of all lovers of painting and art in general.

Our goal is to provide you with a reference that will serve as a the complete guide to the best museums in Madrid.

In addition, during your visit to these museums you will also be able to taste a wide gastronomic offerMadrid cuisine, Spanish cuisine, world cuisines, innovative cuisines, that you will find just a step away from each other.

Madrid is also one of the main destinations in Europe for shopping. On the other hand, the city offers us a great list of cultural and leisure activities: plays, musicals, concerts, exhibitions.

And of course Madrid is also rich in monuments, landmarks and museums which is the subject on which we will focus this guide.

In this article we show you our selection of the most important museums, as well as their opening hours, prices and other information of interest.

Aspects to take into account if you go to the best museums in Madrid

Before visiting a museum, you should take into account some measures to make your visit effectively and make the trip totally pleasant, among them we have the following:

1) Map out a route prior to the visitThe city of Madrid offers many transportation systems to move between museums, such as bikes, cars and buses. But our recommendation is travel by subwayIt is the fastest and most efficient way to reach the destination.

2) If your intention is to enter a museum free of chargeFirst of all you have to know the schedules where the entrance is free. As a second point, you should know that for this purpose in some museums the lines are very long, although they usually advance quickly, so do not lose patience.

3) Follow the safety rules and regulations of each museum.Each museum implements security norms and rules to protect the people and the works of each museum. The most important thing is to act with common sense and avoid harmful actions such as touching the collections.

These are just a few recommendations, now without further ado, we leave you with the complete list of the best museums in Madrid to delight you with their works of art.

Prado National Museum

Prado National Museum

  • Address: Ruiz de Alarcón, 23
  • Phone: +34 91 330 2800/ +34 90 210 7077
  • Schedule: Monday-Saturday / 10-20h Sunday and Holidays / 10-19h
  • Price: 15€ (Free: Monday-Saturday / 18-20h Sunday and Holidays / 17-19h)
  • Buy tickets for the Prado Museum online at

The Prado National Museum is one of the world's great museums and in 2019 it will be one of the world's great museums 200 years. He was born on November 19, 1819, at the time of the reign of Ferdinand VII. It has an interesting history, before becoming as we know it today. In this sense, opened as a Royal Museum in 1868 and becomes the patrimony of all Spaniards.

It gathers almost 8,000 paintings y 9,000 drawings but also close to 1,000 sculptures and 3,500 decorative arts pieces.

At the present time, about 1,700 paintings by the great masters of European art. No museum in the world exhibits more works of art from Rubens, Bosch, Velázquez or Goya.

90% of Spaniards think that this museum (awarded the Princess of Asturias) is one of Spain's great contributions to universal culture.

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

Museums in Madrid: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

  • Address: Santa Isabel, 52
  • Phone: +34 91 774 1000
  • Schedule: Monday, Wednesday-Saturday / 10-21h; Sunday / 13:30-19h; Closed on Tuesday.
  • Price: 10€ (Free: Monday, Wednesday-Saturday / 19- 21h; Sunday / 13:30-19h)

The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofíais one of the great museums of the world and a key destination for understanding modern or contemporary art. Its collections are a reference of Spanish art of the twentieth century and contemporary.

Surprising is the fact that at present, is the most visited museum in Spain even above the Museo Nacional del Prado, which has nothing to do with the type of works it displays.

It took as its headquarters the old General Hospital of Madrid, located in the area of Atocha. It was initially designed by the architect José de Hermosilla and subsequently continued by Francesco Sabatini.

Its inauguration took place relatively recently, in the year 1986. Subsequently, in September 2005, the facilities were expanded with the opening of the Nouvel building.

Thyssen Bornemisza National Museum

Thyssen Bornemisza National Museum

  • Address: Paseo del Prado, 8
  • Phone: +34 91 791 1370
  • Metro: BANK OF SPAIN
  • Schedules: Tuesday-Sunday / 10-19h Monday / 12-16h
  • Price: 13€ (Free: Monday)

In addition to the first two museums described in this list, the Thyssen Bornemisza National Museum is part of the major museums in Europe. Here visitors can enjoy a tour based on European painting from the 13th century to the present day.

The Thyssen Bornemisza, houses what was once one of the most important largest private art collections in historyuntil its acquisition by the Spanish state in 1992. The collection that houses this institution, has its origins in the person of August Thyssen He was the creator of the family fortune and the first in his family to venture into art collecting.

Lope de Vega House Museum

Lope de Vega House Museum

  • Address: Cervantes, 11
  • Phone: + 34 91 429 9216
  • Schedule: Tuesday-Sunday / 10-18h
  • Price: Free admission (reservation required)

In this house he lived and died Lope de VegaIt has several interesting enclosures among which stands out a garden that takes us back to the seventeenth century. The structure has 200 square meters and it houses the museum that also gives its name to the building. It has a part dedicated to temporary exhibitions where the visitor will be able to enjoy a backwater full of interesting history.

Lope arrived with his family in 1610 and thanks to all the research, we know that in this garden-orchard he kept his chickens, planted asparagus and had an orange tree that reminded him of the time when he was exiled in Valencia.

An interesting fact is that an oratorio can be observed (this is so because Lope de Vega was ordained a priest) in which he would celebrate mass and if he was sick, his alcove was just across the street, so he could continue with the celebration just by opening a window.

Hermitage of San Antonio de la Florida

  • Address: San Antonio de la Florida, 5
  • Phone: +34 91 542 0722
  • Metro: PRINCE PÍO
  • Schedule: Tuesday-Sunday and Holiday / 9:30-14h; Saturday, Sunday and Holiday / 9:30-19h
  • Price: Free admission

The Hermitage of San Antonio de la Florida is one of the most popular and most beloved in Madrid and its main attraction are the frescoes of Francisco de Goya that decorate its interior. Unfortunately inside the Hermitage no photos or videos can be taken.

The importance of this Hermitage is due to the historical events that took place before and after its construction, added to the great activity that was going on around them. Because of this, it has such a relevant history that it is essential for you to know.

Descalzas Reales Monastery

Descalzas Reales Monastery

  • Address: Plaza de las Descalzas, s/n
  • Phone: +34 91 454 8800
  • Metro: CALLAO
  • Schedule: Tuesday-Saturday / 10am-2pm and 4pm-6:30pm; Sunday and Holidays / 10am-3pm
  • Price: 6€ (Free admission Wednesdays and Thursdays for citizens of Latin America and the EU)

The Royal Barefoot Nuns are in the historic center of Madridin front of the oldest 'monte de piedad' in Europe founded by Fr. Francisco Piquer. The first Franciscan Poor Clares of Gandia, entered with their light sandals in this cloistered convent almost a year ago. 500 years.

Today from the royal balcony Philip IV and his family watch over the astonished visitors who have the privilege of visiting a place where for centuries very few people have been able to see a place where few people could visit.

The optical illusion of the trompe l'oeil paintings and murals that surround the main staircase make us believe that we are looking at real architectural structures. The fake reliefs simulate gardens, cloisters, statues or even cats running around the monastery.

ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration

ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration of Madrid

  • Address: Amaniel, 29-31
  • Phone: +34 91 758 8379
  • Schedule: Tuesday-Saturday / 12-20h Sunday / 10-14h
  • Price: Free admission

It was on November 16, 2010 when the ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration opened its doors, being the first one in Spain dedicated to the illustration and drawing with the collection assembled by the national newspaper ABC in its 110-year history as a major asset.

However, it is a building that in the year 1900 served to house the first Mahou brewery in the capital of Spain.

Likewise, since its origin ABC in collaboration with Black and WhiteThe portfolio is part of an important collection that includes works by artists such as The portfolio is forming an important collection in which you can find works by artists such as Juan Gris, Dalí, Mingote, Penagos or Enrique Climent..

The creator of the building was José López Salaberryan architect intensely and extensively linked to the development of the new urbanism in Madrid in the early years of the 20th century.

This place has been developing temporary exhibitions, lectures and workshops throughout this time, serving as a reference for the followers of the area.

Almudena Museum

Almudena Museum

  • Address: Plaza de la Almudena, s/n (Cathedral)
  • Phone: +34 91 559 2874
  • Metro: OPERA
  • Schedule: Monday-Saturday / 10h-14:30
  • Price: 6€

This museum is closely related to the catholic church issues so if you are passionate about the theme of the Eucharist, it is certainly a recommended destination. Inside the Almudena Museum you can enjoy works with religious overtones and you will also be able to appreciate the landscape of the city of Madrid from the dome of the cathedral.

Museum Of America

Museum Of America

  • Address: Reyes Católicos, 6
  • Phone: +34 91 549 2641
  • Metro: MONCLOA
  • Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday / 9:30-15h; Thursday / 9:30-19h; Sunday and Holiday / 10-15h
  • Price: 3€ (Free Admission on Sunday)

Perhaps the Museum Of America is one of the most unknown museums in Madrid, but the reality is that inside it keeps the history of what the explorers called "The New World".

Until the creation of the museum as it is today, all the collections remained in the National Archaeological Museum which will be discussed later.

The building was a project of Pedro Muguruza and it is a historicist and neo-colonial style structure. Its interior revolves around a landscaped cloister very much in the style of the missions and colonial palaces.

The museum houses 25,000 piecesalthough exposed are 2,500 and also this museum is declared an asset of cultural interest. The collections on display in the museum from the Paleolithic period to the present day.. Consisting of pre-Columbian, viceroyalty and ethnographic collections.

Not only pieces from Hispanic America are exhibited, but also pieces from USA from Brazil y CanadaIt is undoubtedly a destination of great interest.

National Archaeological Museum

National Archaeological Museum

  • Address: Serrano, 13
  • Phone: +34 91 577 7912
  • Metro: SERRANO
  • Schedule: Tuesday-Saturday / 9:30-20h Sunday / 9:30-15h
  • Price: 3€ (Free: Saturday from 14h and Sunday )

The main objective of the National Archaeological Museum to offer a rigorous, but at the same time attractive and interesting interpretation of the meaning of objects that were part of the daily life of the different peoples of the present day Spain as well as the Mediterranean area. The collections of the institution are based on pieces that cover from antiquity to recent times.

They promote constructive criticism, as a way to promote knowledge of history focused on making it useful for the analysis and understanding of the current situation.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Madrid

Museum of Contemporary Art

  • Address: Conde Duque, 9 and 11
  • Phone: +34 91 588 5921
  • Schedule: Tuesday-Saturday / 10-14h and 17:30-21h; Sunday and Holidays / 10:30-14h
  • Price: Free admission

The fundamentals of The Museum of Contemporary Art are focused on two main ones. The first is intended to be a permanent forum which provides access to an intense cultural and leisure program. exhibitions. The second aims to be a complementary to other museums and existing collections of contemporary art in Madrid.

Open Air Sculpture Museum

Open Air Sculpture Museum

  • Address: Paseo de la Castellana, 40
  • Phone: +34 91 701 18 63
  • Metro: RUBÉN DARÍO
  • Schedule: Open every day
  • Price: Free admission

A surface area of 4,200 square meters makes up what is known as the Open Air Sculpture Museum. The idea to create this enclosure came from the artist's inspiration. Eusebio Sempere who saw in the creation of the bridge Enrique de la Mata GorostizagaThe exhibition is an opportunity to bring modern art closer to the general public.

On display in the museum are 17 works of artists belonging to the historical avant-garde, such as Miró, Alberto and Julio González.

Thus, the area under the bridge deck becomes a magical space with landscaped areas, a waterfall and granite tiled terraces connected to each other by stairs that end at the level of the Paseo de la Castellana.

National Library Museum

vNational Library Museum

  • Address: Paseo de Recoletos, 20
  • Phone: +34 91 516 8967
  • Metro: COLON
  • Schedule: Monday-Saturday / 10-20h Sunday and Holidays / 10-14h
  • Price: Free admission

All books, records, drawings, maps, computer programs, videos and others are sources of knowledge and information. Printers and publishers are obliged to to deposit in the National Library copies of everything they produce. Thus, through this system, more than half a million items from different collections enter the Library every year. In addition, the National Library Museum It buys significant works such as manuscripts or drawings and, of course, has antique collections that are a real treasure.

In this way the museum makes available the greatest of its treasures, the treasure of knowledge and show its dissemination since the invention of writing.

Mint Museum

Mint Museum

  • Address: Doctor Esquerdo, 36
  • Phone: +34 91 566 6544
  • Metro: O'DONNELL
  • Schedule: Tuesday-Friday / 10-20h Saturday, Sunday and Holidays / 10-14h
  • Price: Free admission

One of the most important museums in the world of its kind is the Mint Museum of Madrid. It covers the history of money, from the times of ancient Grace to the present day.

It has to its credit a large number of hispanic coins and likewise with the troquele where they were cradled.

In the museum you will be able to know the currencies The most ancient, the most valuable, the transition from the peseta to the euro, as well as the techniques of minting and printing paper money. Another interesting point is the history of graphic arts that goes through the stamp paper, the lottery and all the stamps of spanish mails printed since 1850.

You will also have a sample of Renaissance medals to contemporary medals.

Madrid Wax Museum

Madrid Wax Museum

  • Address: Plaza de Colón, 1
  • Phone: +34 91 319 4681
  • Address: COLON
  • Schedule: Monday-Friday / 10-14h and 16:30-20h; Saturday, Sunday and Holiday / 10-20h
  • Price: 21€: Adults / 14€: Children (4-12)

The Madrid Wax Museum is one of the most emblematic of the city that opened its doors on February 14, 1972, receiving millions of visitors who are excited and enjoy its collection.

In it, the following are exhibited wax figures with impressive realism of the most important characters of our history, culture, sports, science, entertainment and other fields. Characters of the sizes of Christopher Columbus, Marilyn Monroe and Cristiano Ronaldo They integrate a family of 450 figures that you will be able to observe through a thematic tour.

Cerralbo Museum

Cerralbo Museum

  • Address Ventura Rodríguez, 17
  • Phone: +34 91 547 36 46
  • Hours: Tuesday-Saturday / 9:30-15h Thursday / 9:30-15h and 17-20h Sunday and Holidays / 10-15h
  • Price: 3€ (FreeSaturday / 14-15h Thursday / 17-20h)

Don Enrique de Aguilera y Gamboa XVII Marquis of Cerralbodesigned this building for his collection and always had in mind the possibility of later donating it to the Spanish state. This is how today it can be enjoyed by all Spanish, European and world citizens who come to visit it and let themselves be seduced by these impressive and lavish rooms. In the Cerralbo Museum, we can not stop to see any object in particular because they all overwhelm and impress us.

The great value of the works is that which they transmit together as a whole, when you enter a room and you are assaulted by the overall vision of many pieces related to each other in a kind of aesthetic dialogue. It is that feeling of walking through environments that have been enjoyed by people from long ago. 130 or 140 years which makes it tremendously attractive and with the certainty that everything is just as the Marquis of Cerralbo designed it.

Railroad Museum

Museums in Madrid

  • Address: Paseo de las Delicias, 61
  • Phone: +34 91 539 0085
  • Metro: DELICIAS
  • Schedule: Monday-Friday / 9:30-15h; Saturday-Sunday and Holiday / 10-19h
  • Price: 6 (3 / Saturday and Sunday)

In the Railroad Museum you can take a tour full of interesting facts and figures that focus on the history of the railway system. Its collection covers a historical period ranging from steam locomotives to electric trains.

It opened its doors to the public in year 1984 and its headquarters is located in what used to be the old Delicias station. The Museum has the firm conviction that disseminating the railway reality to promote knowledge about rail transport. It also aims to promote research and enhance the value of railway heritage, all with a public service vocation.

Geominero Museum

Geominero Museum of Madrid

  • Address: Rios Rosas, 23
  • Phone: +34 91 349 5759
  • Metro: RÍOS ROSAS
  • Schedule: Monday-Sunday and Holidays / 9-14h
  • Price: Free admission

The main objectives of the Geominero MuseumThe main objectives of the project are to conserve, research and disseminate the richness and diversity of the geological, paleontological and mineralogical heritagethrough the important collections of minerals, rocks and fossils. These samples come from all Spanish regions, former colonial territories, as well as from deposits of significant world record.

It is located in a large rectangular nave of 19 meters high, topped with a polychrome stained glass window as a false ceiling and several side windows, which makes it a destination of striking decorative richness.

Madrid History Museum

Madrid History Museum

  • Address: Fuencarral, 78
  • Phone: +34 91 701 1863
  • Metro: COURT
  • Schedule: Tuesday-Sunday / 10-20h
  • Price: Free admission

The Madrid History Museumis installed in the old San Fernando Hospicenot only holds interesting collections, but has recently undergone a remodeling process, updating what some called "the old and paradigmatic building of Pedro de Ribera". This is a building of year 1721 baroque style and has an outstanding façade.

What we are going to contemplate here is the history of Madrid since 1521 which is when King Philip II set up the court in Madrid, until the first decades of the 20th century.

Ico Museum

Museums in Madrid: Museo Ico

  • Address: Paseo del Prado, 4
  • Phone: +34 91 592 1600
  • Hours: Tuesday-Saturday / 11-20h Sunday and Holidays / 10-14h
  • Price: Free admission

The ICO Museum is a space dedicated to architecture, where great figures of the national and international scene such as Navarro Baldeweg, Cruz y Ortiz, Chipperfieldamong others have passed through its exhibition hall.

In its facilities you can also appreciate a great amount of publications associated with the environment, as well as to enjoy cultural events and creative workshops. They also perform inclusive educational activities with the slogan that the ICO Museum is a museum for everyone.

C.A.V. La Neomudéjar Museum

C.A.V. La Neomudéjar de Madrid Museum

  • Address: Antonio Nebrija, s/n
  • Phone: +34 91 528 3349
  • Schedule: Wednesday-Sunday / 11-15h and 17-21h
  • Price: 4-5€ (Free: 11-13h)

If you like to break with paradigms, the Museum / C.A.V. La Neomudéjar is an ideal recommendation for you. It is an arts center of experimentation and creativity whose main idea is to rescuing disused spaces and manage them for quality cultural uses. Its openings were recently opened (compared to other museums) in July 2013operating as self-managed centerfree and artistic resistance.

Its proposal is focused on the New Media Arts and its collections are avant-garde creations focused on promoting disciplines such as Urban Art, Video Art, Performance, Parkour, Sound Art and bringing them closer to the general public with a constant didactic differential.

Lázaro Galdiano Museum

Lázaro Galdiano Museum of Madrid

  • Address: Serrano, 122
  • Phone: +34 91 561 6084
  • Metro: RUBÉN DARÍO
  • Schedule: Tuesday-Saturday / 10am-4:30pm Sunday 10am-3pm
  • Price: 7€ (Free: Last hour of each day)

The Lázaro Galdiano Museum was the residence of José Lázaro Galdiano who had it built in the year 1913. It is a neo-plateresque building, known as ".Florido Park Palace"in honor of his wife Paula Florido.

The museum opened in year 1951This fulfills the wish of its owner, who donated all the art collections to the Spanish state.

Inside this museum, we will be able to contemplate about 5000 works of art around the four floors of the building. Among its most valuable works of art are the collection of paintings, drawings and engravings of Goya with world-renowned pieces. There are also relevant examples of the Bosch, el Greco, Murillo, Zurbarán, Louis Pared and two statuettes of Giambologna. However, there is one work that stands out above the rest of the museum's collection, and that is the panel painting "The young savior"with a characteristic style of Leonardo da Vinci.

National Museum of Anthropology

National Museum of Anthropology of Madrid

  • Address: Alfonso XII, 68
  • Phone: +34 91 530 6418
  • Schedule: Tuesday-Saturday / 9:30-20h Sunday and Holidays / 10-15h
  • Price: 3€

The National Museum of Anthropology of Spain, it is located very close to the traffic circle of Charles V (The Atocha traffic circle).

It is a museum dedicated to offering a global vision of the different existing cultures, with objects and human remains from all over the world.

This is the first anthropological museum that is created in Spain. Like ethnological museum that it is, offers the visiting public a global vision of the cultures of different peoples of the world. In this sense, visitors can discover the cultural factors that generate a link or, on the contrary, unite them, which is the great dynamic of cultural diversity.

The collections that have been incorporated over time and that have become part of its holdings are examples of the material culture from different peoples of Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

National Museum of Decorative Arts

National Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid

  • Address: Montalban, 12
  • Phone: +34 91 532 6499
  • Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday / 9:30-15h; Thursday / 9:30-15h and 17-20h Sunday and Holiday / 10-15h
  • Price: 4-5€ (Free: Thursday / 17-20h; Saturday / 14-15h and Sunday)

The National Museum of Decorative Arts located in Madrid, it is one of the oldest museums and illustrates the evolution of the so-called industrial arts or less. It was acquired by the state The Spanish port was inaugurated in 1941, and since then numerous expansion works have been carried out to quadruple its original capacity.

The museum exhibits some 1600 objects out of approximately 70,000 that it possesses between museographic and documentary collections. At present, the museum's motto is "design our environment"whose purpose is to interpret the objects that are still part of everyday life today, together with the ideas, values and attitudes that have accompanied them from the 14th century to the present day.

The collections are cataloged in: ceramics and porcelain, furniture, textiles, carpets and tapestries, silverware, jewelry, glass, oriental art, iron, sculpture, leathers and accessories. The National Museum of Decorative Arts currently has at its disposal 60 rooms spread over 5 floorsSeveral of them recreate atmospheres of other times by means of furniture and other original pieces.

 National Museum of Natural Sciences

Museums in Madrid: Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (National Museum of Natural Sciences)

  • Address: José Gutiérrez Abascal, 2
  • Phone: +34 91 411 1328
  • Schedule: Tuesday-Friday / 10-17h Saturday, Sunday and Holidays / 10-20h
  • Price: 7€

The National Museum of Natural Sciences is currently the most important center for research in natural sciences in the country, having as one of its main objectives to describe and conserve biological and geological biodiversity of our planet.

Among its facilities, the museum has a laboratory of molecular systematics and population genetics in which an important molecular analysis is carried out.

Its collections include more than 6 million of specimens, highlighting the entomology one with the insect collection The most important in the country, both for its volume and for its scientific and historical approach.

Throughout the exhibitions, the visitor can take a journey through time to find himself in the atmosphere of a real cabinet of Charles IIIwith a great diversity of mollusks, insects, fish, reptiles, birds and mammals.

It also has an exhibition of fossils of some of the most singular living beings that inhabited the planet in past geological eras, such as the diplodocus and the megatherium.

Naval Museum

Museums in Madrid: Museo Naval

  • Address: Montalban, 2
  • Phone: +34 91 523 8516
  • Metro: BANK OF SPAIN
  • Schedule: Tuesday-Sunday / 10-19h
  • Price: 3 (Voluntary contribution)

One of those museums that has a significant impact on you is the Naval Museumwhich is located in the second floor of Navy Headquarters. It is a cultural institution that under the Ministry of Defenseand whose mission is to acquire and exhibit pieces related to the naval themethus disseminating the maritime history of Spain.

Its origins date back to 1792, thanks to the initiative of Antonio Valdes who was the King's Secretary of the Navy Charles IV of Spain.

After being placed in various enclosures, in 1936 the museum reopened in the building where it is currently located. The collections on display here have very diverse origins, the most important being major contributions from the Royal Household.

Royal Tapestry Factory

Royal Tapestry Factory

  • Address: Fuenterrabía, 2
  • Phone: +34 91 434 0550
  • Schedule: Monday-Friday / 10-14h
  • Price: 5€ (Free: Monday / 10h)

The Royal Tapestry Factory is an artisanal factory unique in the world and with nearly 300 years of history. Through a program of guided tours, it offers the possibility of observing the historical processes of tapestry and carpet manufactureas well as to contemplate the work of the weavers.

After going through a crisis and a very discouraging scenario that threatened to put an end to the factory, he managed to overcome obstacles and continue his noble work.

In 2016, the company will recover the school-workshop to be transmitted the centuries-old know-how of artisansThe main objective of the workshop is to learn how to make those trades that today are on the verge of extinction and that have been preserved here in an almost miraculous way. Here the youngest students show visitors and all interested citizens, from how to make a tapestry, a carpet and a confectioner, to how to restore, what restoration techniques are available, among other aspects.

Museum of Romanticism

Museum of Romanticism

  • Address: San Mateo, 13
  • Phone: 91 448 01 63
  • Metro: COURT
  • Schedule: Tuesday-Saturday / 9:30-18:30; Sunday and Holidays / 10-15h
  • Price: 3€ (FreeSaturday / 14h-18:30 and Sunday)

The Museum of Romanticism has the particularity that it is a house museum, where it is recreated as it would be a gentry dwelling in the nineteenth century. It was founded in year 1927 by the II Marquis de la Vega-Inclán who had the desire to house a collection of historical and artistic objects related to the life and customs of the time. However, it is after undergoing a renovation completed in 2009 that it acquired its current name.

The museum has been increasing its collection with important contributions from famous personalities such as the Marquis of Cerralbo and others. In the same one can observe a series of very important paintings with the most characteristic features of the romantic movement among them drawing, landscape, costumbrismo and more.

In addition, it has a collection of decorative items among which you can see fans, porcelain, ceramics, Andalusian pottery, jewelry and other women's handicrafts.

Bullfighting Museum

Bullfighting Museum

  • Address: Alcalá, 237
  • Phone: +34 91 276 1287
  • Metro: SALES
  • Schedule: Monday-Sunday / 10-18h (Holidays / 10-16h)
  • Price: Free admission

On the top floor of the Las Ventas bullring (Madrid) there is an enclosure dedicated to spreading bullfighting through its art and history, this place in the Bullfighting Museum.

The museum is a continuous story of more than a century, with its own names, deeds, culture and art. Strolling through its hall we will find the posters with signatures of first line as those of Zuloaga, Barceló or Eduardo Arroyo. Visitors marvel at the silk embroidered signs dating back to the 19th century.

Likewise, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful capes of the historical figures such as "BombitaThe exhibition is also a great example of the "bullfighting history" or with the paintings that explain important episodes in the history of bullfighting.

In the sales, the costumes of illustrious names such as Belmonte, Domingo Ortega, Antoniete, Curro Romero and Iván Fandiño (El Yiyo).

Final comments on the best museums in Madrid

You have at your disposal an extensive list of the most emblematic museums of the city of Madrid (although there are still more to know) where you will surely have an unforgettable experience on each visit. If you consider that any of them is missing or you want to see another one in this list do not hesitate to comment it to continue expanding our cultural route.

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