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Safari Madrid - Everything You Need to Know

Safari Madrid

An excellent idea to enjoy with the family is to visit Safari MadridBoth adults and children will have the opportunity to have a fun and interesting experience. If you want to learn more about the activities, attractions, schedule, price and everything related to Safari Madrid, read on.

Discover Animal Diversity at Safari Madrid

As you may well know, safaris offer the possibility of having a different experience from that offered by zoos, since the animals are not locked up in cages, but can walk freely around the enclosure while we observe them from our vehicle. Therefore, safaris are the best way to meet wild animals and see them in an environment similar to their natural habitats.

In Safari Madrid we will have the opportunity to see more of 200 species of animals. The facilities are divided into sections, some of which can be visited on foot, while others can only be visited by car.

Safari by car

Animals in Semi-freedom

The tour, for safety reasons, can only be done by vehicle in the areas of animals in semi-freedom. In this section of the safari you will find animals such as elephants, zebras, bison, antelopes, giraffes, giraffes, etc.The animals, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses and many more can be fed with carrots, which can be purchased at the enclosure.

Rincón Salvaje

Although the animals mentioned above are beautiful and interesting, it is undoubtedly the large felids that attract the most attention. In the Wild Corner section you can see lions, tigers, pumas, jaguars, as well as other animals, including hyenas, the Andean Condor and Steller's Eagle.


In the reptile house there are more than 60 species of reptiles and other animals. This section has two pavilions, the Large Reptiles and the Small Reptiles; it also has the outdoor summer facilities and the Crocodile route. You will be able to see snakes, different arthropods, amphibians and much more.


Another experience offered by Safari Madrid is the birds of prey flight exhibition. You will be able to see majestic birds such as eagles and hawks flying freely through the air. Of course, we will also find many other species such as Egyptian vultures, ostriches, parrots, macaws, among others.

Rincón de los mansos

Last but not least, the Tame Corner, the most popular section among the youngest members of the household. This section allows them to interacting with animals and feed them, which is very entertaining for the children.

Other Attractions and Services at Safari Madrid

Besides being able to see a great diversity of animals, at Safari Madrid it is possible to enjoy other attractions, among them go-karts. There are karts for the whole family, including two-seater karts so that the little ones can take a ride with their parents. There is also a bouncy castle and slides, although for biosecurity reasons, the latter two are temporarily closed.

After enjoying a great day at Safari Madrid, you can share a nice meal with your friends or family in any of the picnic areas in the facilities. You can also eat at the Safari Madrid restaurant, or buy some snacks at the Mufasa Kiosk.

Hours and entrance fee

Before visiting the park, it is necessary to take into account the opening hours and if you wish to enjoy the birds of prey flight show, this is also performed at a specific time. Even so, park hours and exhibitions may vary according to the season.

  • Park: from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Ticket offices: from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Tour of the animals in the wild section: from 11:00 to 17:30.
  • Exhibitions: at 1:30 pm; weekends and holidays at 1:00 pm and 4:30 pm.

As for the entrance feeFor members of large families, they can receive a small discount when presenting the corresponding ticket or individual ID card together with their ID.

  • General admission adults: 21€.
  • General admission children: 17€.
  • Senior tickets: 17€.
  • Large Family Adult: 19€.
  • Child of Large Family: 15€.

Safari Offers Madrid

In case you wish to celebrate a birthday at Safari Madrid, you will be able to enjoy the offers they offer for birthday parties. In order to apply for the offerThe minimum number of guests is 15, and tickets with special offer will be priced at 19€ for adults and 15€ for children; the birthday boy/girl is a guest of the park.

Safari Madrid also offers extracurricular activities, allowing teachers to attend free of charge. With this offer, the entrance fee for adults is €13 and for children €11.

How to get to Safari Madrid?

Safari Madrid facilities are located on the road Navalcarnero - Cadalso de los Vidrios Km 22, Aldea de Fresno. Therefore, to get to the park we will have to take the direction to Aldea de Fresno and follow the signs that we will find along the way.

Address: Carretera Navalcarnero-Cadalso de los Vidrios, km 22, 28620 Aldea del Fresno, Madrid
Phone: 918622314

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