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The Complete Guide to Madrid Airport: Barajas Adolfo Suárez

Adolfo Suarez Madrid Airport

The Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas airportalso known as Madrid Airport is located about 12 kilometers northeast of the city. It is a considerable distance where we will have to travel in some type of transportationand may be public or private.

To get there we will have many options such as the subwaytrain, cab, car, bus among others. In addition, what I am going to tell you is suitable for both going to and from the airport.that is to say, to go to the center of the city.

How to get to Barajas Airport by Metro

Barajas Madrid

This is the most economical way to get to Madrid-Barajas airport. The line departs from Nuevos Ministerios which is in a very well located area with the rest of Madrid. Located near the English Court as well as the stadium Santiago Bernabeu.

We will have to get there and we will take T4it takes about 30-40 minutes to get there with 6 stops along the way. We will see that there will be a lot of people because it is a very popular service.

We will have another option to reach If we are in another part of the city, it will be taking the line 8 (pink), this circulates through all the enclosures of the Feria de Madrid reaching 4 terminals, the entire journey takes between 50 minutes and 1 hour. With this line we can stop at T2 or T4.

The price of the ticket it will cost us 1,5€ for driving in the center of Madrid plus a supplement of €3 for arriving at the airport.

The schedule in which you can make use of the subway is open all day except from 1.30 am to 6 am when it is closed.

The only bad thing about opting for this service is that if we travel in the early hours of the morning, we will not be able to use it. Now, if we are within the operating hours of the same, it will be the best option because it will be the best option for us. is fast and economical.

To learn all the details about the service of this means of transportation, I invite you to read the following article: Everything You Need to Know About Madrid Metro.

How to Get to the Airport by Train

An unknown option for many users, although it is one of the most recommended if we go from the center of Madrid to Madrid-Barajas airport. It is a train The train station is located near Atocha, Chamartin, Principe Pio, Recoletos or some other neighborhoods.

This option is one of the most comfortableIt is also inexpensive, as well as being accessible by subway.

The price usually ranges from 2 a 3 € but it depends on your starting point.

The schedule when you can use this service is from 6 am to 11 pm. Using this train from Nuevo Misterios, it will leave us in just 10-15 minutes in the same T4 we mentioned before. If you make a mistake or you go over the terminal, you will have to take a free bus circulating every 20 minutes.

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How to get to Madrid Airport by Car

It is obviously the most convenient and fastest optionBecause we will depend on ourselves and travel when we want to. But still, has several drawbacks since we must park the car a few hours in the airport parking lot which of course is payable.

When we are in the center of Madrid, we will have to take the Avenida de América direction and then the A2.If you take these roads, several signs will indicate the direction to the airport. If you take these roads that I have mentioned, it will be free but we can optionally take the R2 which is paid.

From there, you head to terminals T1, T2 or T3 and follow the directions as normal. But if you have to take your flight at T4 will take you along the R2 in a final stretch where you will be may cost 2 or 3 €. toll for an insignificant stretch of road.

In addition, we must add the time we park our car at the airport itself. They offer two parking lots, one normal and one express, obviously the latter will be much more expensive but will be to arrive and park, without wasting time.

If not, when it comes to parking there is another option in which we can find companies that are dedicated to leave our car parked in an enclosed area. For this, it is necessary to leave the key to a person who will take care of the car.

How to get to Barajas by Bus

Another option that we can choose to get to the airport, is by bus. However, there are different ways to get there and we must also comment that it will cost us more or less depending on where we are in Madrid. We can find:

Express BusIt departs from Atocha and arrives at T1 in about 35 minutes. It costs 5 € the trip and goes through Plaza Cibeles first, then through O'Donell street until finally arriving at the terminal. The good thing is that operates 24 hours a dayIf you travel early in the morning, you will hardly encounter any traffic.

Normal line bus: We can take the bus near Avenida de América and compare it with the express bus. it will take a little longer as it has several additional stops. However, we will be closer than from where you take the express bus, so the time comparison is not abysmal, about 5 minutes. It has a very economical price, only costs 1,5 €, is undoubtedly the cheapest way to get to Madrid Barajas airport.

The only drawbacks that we can put to travel by bus, is that we will share the journey with more people. So this option, we can rethink it if we go with too much luggage.

Otherwise, it is the most affordable as well as cheapest and as I said, it is among the possible transports that best suits many people.

In addition, there are other options with others intercity buses which circulates through different towns until it reaches the airport. You can also find long distance buses stopping only at terminals.

How to get there by Taxi

If you are in a hurry because you can't make it on time, a cab will get you out of trouble. However, you should keep in mind that it is the most expensive option. In addition, opting for private transportation is not always the fastest way The time it takes to get there depends on the traffic we encounter in the city.

If we decide to take a cab, the price from the center of Madrid has a fixed cost of 30 €. per way, including free transportation of your luggage.

Although if we do not take it in the center of Madrid, we must call the corresponding number of cabs and the final amount of the journey must be indicated on the taximeter of the car itself. So I recommend you to make sure that as soon as you get in that the cab driver put in motion at the beginning.

Madrid Barajas Airport

Conclusions and recommendations on how to get to Madrid Airport

As you have seen, we have many different ways to get to Madrid Barajas Airport. But we must choose the one that best suits us and best suits us at the time we find ourselves.

In any case, it is very easy to move around Madrid to the airport or the other way around. If we have problems, we can rely on the internet from the point where we are and how to get there. A very useful application is Google MapsIt explains very well the steps we must follow to reach our destination.

So we can conclude that opting for the subway or train would be a good option if we travel during the day. On the other hand if we travel at night or in the early morning, the most convenient option is undoubtedly the bus that offers a 24 hour service. In case your priority is comfort and you do not mind paying a few euros in the airport parking your ideal option is to travel by car. Finally, in case you do not have the possibility to get to the airport in any of the previous ways, there will be a simple cab to get you out of the predicament.

We hope that this information will be of maximum benefit to you, as you now know the best way to reach the Madrid airport.

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