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The Best Restaurants in Madrid Offering Home Delivered Meals

The Best Restaurants in Madrid Offering Home Delivered Meals

Ordering food at home is undoubtedly a great convenience on those days when we don't feel like cooking or leaving home. After the pandemic caused by Covid-19, many more restaurants began to offer their food at home, as the demand increased. Here are some of the best restaurants in Madrid that offer home-delivered food.

Best Asian Cuisine Restaurants Offering Home Delivered Meals

If you like Asian food, there are many restaurants in Madrid where you can order home delivery and enjoy sushi, makis, and many other dishes of Asian cuisine, among them are the following:


One of the most popular options in Madrid to eat Asian dishes at home is Umiko. Through its website you can place your order, either to pick it up yourself at the restaurant, or by sending a courier to pick it up for you. To be able to order food at Umiko, the order must be at least 30€.


At Umiko you will have the opportunity to order starters, such as edamame, rice balls, umiko rolls, among others. You can also order tartar, one of the most recommended being tuna; as well as nigiris, makis, and even desserts and various drinks.

Address: C. de los Madrazo, 18, 28014 Madrid.
Phone: 914 93 87 06.
Hours of operation: open from Tuesday to Saturday from 13:30 to 16:00 and from 20:30 to 00:00.


Another excellent option to enjoy Asian food at home is the Sushita restaurant. You can go to their official website to order your food at home, or place an order and pick it up at the restaurant. Before placing your order, you can enter your address to check if the restaurant delivers in your area.


By ordering food at Sushita you can enjoy the restaurant's food at home, from sushi trays, sashimi, nigiris, to the tasting menu and much more.

Address: P.º de la Habana, 15, 28036 Madrid.
Phone: 918 31 55 41.
Hours of operation: open from Monday to Thursday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm and from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am. From Friday to Sunday the schedule is continuous.


The Kappo restaurant is characterized by its exclusivity, since in order to enjoy Chef Mario's food it is necessary to make reservations and they only accept a limited number of orders. In order to place your order, you will have to call the restaurant, indicate your name, time of delivery and indicate if you want it to be delivered to your door or if you or a courier will pick it up.


In Kappo at Home's menu you will find temakis, nigiris, sashimis, makis, uramakis, as well as udon with vegetables, edamame, among other dishes.

Address: Calle de Bretón de los Herreros, 54, 28003 Madrid.
Phone: 910 42 00 66.
Hours of operation: open from Tuesday to Saturday from 13:30 to 17:00 and from 20:30 to 00:00.

Home Delivered Fast Food Restaurants

In case you feel like ordering fast food at home, such as good hamburgers, you can choose from one of the following restaurants, characterized by their taste and high quality:

New York Burger

If you're craving burgers, New York Burger can be a great option. You can place your order through the restaurant's website or through Glovo's platform. You will have to keep in mind that the restaurant only delivers in certain areas, otherwise, you will have to pick up the order.

New York Burger

In case you decide to order at New York Burger, you will have options such as the 250 gr Queen burger, which has melted cheddar cheese, bacon, pickles, tomato, lettuce and red onion; or the Nolita, the Empire State, among others. There are also 190 gr hamburgers, ribs, children's menu and vegan and vegetarian menu.

Address: P.º de la Castellana, 89, 28046 Madrid.
Phone: 917 70 79 82.
Hours of operation: open daily from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm and from 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm.

Juanchos's BBQ

At Juancho's you will find burgers made with brioche bread and high quality meat, which are prepared on the charcoal grill. This restaurant allows you to order through its website, either to pick up your order or home delivery. You can also order your food through Ubereats.

Juancho's BBQ

In Juancho's BBQ menu you will find a variety of hamburgers, such as the Bacon Juancheesburger, catalogued as one of the best hamburgers in Spain, La Trufada, La Federer, among others, as well as different cuts of meat, Iberian pork and much more.

Address: C. de Alonso Cano, 10, 28010 Madrid.
Hours of operation: open from Tuesday to Saturday from 13:00 to 16:00 and from 20:00 to 23:00.

Gobu Burger

At Gobu Burger you can also enjoy delicious charcoal burgers prepared with top quality meat. In addition to this, the restaurant is characterized by using seasonal ingredients, being an interesting proposal for a restaurant dedicated to the preparation of hamburgers.

To place your order you will need to log into the Goxo app or platform, where you can order for delivery, or to pick up your order at the restaurant. Like many other restaurants, the delivery area may be limited.

Address: Calle del Gral. Pardiñas, 8, 28001 Madrid.
Phone: 915 75 76 41.
Hours of operation: open from Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday from 13:30 to 16:15 and from 20:45 to 23:30; Friday and Saturday from 13:30 to 16:15 and from 20:30 to 00:00. Closed on Mondays.

Recommendations of Italian Restaurants that offer Home Delivered Meals

In Madrid you can also find a wide variety of Italian pizzerias and restaurants where you can order your food at home and enjoy delicious pizzas in the comfort and tranquility of your home:

Grosso Napoletano

If you prefer to eat a delicious wood-fired pizza, don't hesitate to order your delivery from Grosso Napoletano. To place your order, you can enter the restaurant's website, check if your address is within the delivery area and select what you want to eat. You can also place your order through Glovo.

Grosso Napoletano

At Grosso Napoletano you will find a variety of pizzas, among them the Diavola, the Quattro K, the Ofelia Tartufona pizza and many more. Of course, you will also have other Italian food options, such as carpaccio tartufato, burrata, and even desserts like tiramisu bianco and nutella pizza.

Address: C. de Hermosilla, 85, 28001 Madrid.
Phone: 910 05 36 72.
Hours of operation: open Monday to Thursday and Sunday from 13:00 to 23:00, Friday and Saturday from 13:00 to 00:00.

Luna Rossa

Another great Italian restaurant with home delivery service is Luna Rossa. With almost three decades delighting the palate of its diners, Luna Rossa is characterized by its Italian-Napolitan cuisine and the great taste of its wood-fired pizzas. You can order through the restaurant's website or through the Glovo platform.

Luna Rossa

Among the restaurant's most popular pizzas are the Diavola and the Prociutto e funghi. You will also find various pastas, such as Fettuccine 'Alfredo' with black truffle, linguine alla puttanesca di tonno, as well as different starters, salads, desserts and drinks.

Address: Calle de San Bernardo, C. de la Luna, 24, Entrada por, 28015 Madrid.
Phone: 915 321 454.
Hours of operation: open from Wednesday to Friday from 13:30 to 16:00 and from 20:30 to 23:00. Saturday and Sunday open from 14:00 to 16:30 and from 20:30 to 23:30.

Hot Now

In case you are looking for a wider variety of pizzas, Hot Now can be a good alternative. In this restaurant you can also enjoy pizzas made in a wood-fired oven, including pesto pizza, four cheeses, truffled burrata, truffled mortadella, pistachio, and many more.

Hot Now

You can also order starters such as hummus, nachos, burrata, among others; and desserts to finish your meal with a sweet touch. You can order for delivery or pick up at the restaurant through the Hot Now website, or place your order through Ubereats, Glovo or Just Eat.

Address: C. de Barbieri, 14, 28004 Madrid.
Phone: 910 69 74 42.
Hours of operation: open on Mondays from 20:00 to 23:00. From Tuesday to Friday it is open from 13:30 to 16:00 and from 20:00 to 23:00, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 13:30 to 17:00 and from 20:00 to 23:30.

Other recommendations of Home Delivered Meals Restaurants in Madrid

If you are looking for other types of restaurants in Madrid that offer food delivery, below you will find Mexican food restaurants, haute cuisine, among others:


CoquettoGo is Coquetto Bar's home delivery service, where you can choose to have your food delivered to your door or pick it up at the restaurant. Among the dishes you can order to enjoy at home are various creams, salads, side dishes and roasts such as suckling pig and marinated pork knuckle.

Address: C. de Fortuny, 2, 28010 Madrid.
Phone: 916 25 62 92.
Hours of operation: open from Tuesday to Friday from 09:00 to 01:00. Saturday from 12:30 to 01:00, Sunday from 12:30 to 17:00 and Monday from 09:00 to 17:00.

El Lagar x Gofio

This is a restaurant that is part of Gofio; it only offers food for delivery or pick-up at the restaurant. Among some of the dishes you can order are the chicken croquettes with everything, the compound quail and the Gofio Style roasted leg focaccia.

El Lagar x Gofio

Address: Calle de Lope de Vega, 9, 28014, Madrid.
Phone: 915 99 44 04.
Hours of operation: from Wednesday to Sunday from 14:00 to 15:00 and from 22:00 to 23:30.


If you would like to enjoy a good Mexican meal in the comfort of your home, you can place your order from Tepic at Goxo, Glovo or Ubereats. You will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious guacamole, quesadillas, tacos, shrimp aguachile, and even desserts like flan de elote and a variety of drinks.

Address: Calle de Ayala, 14, 28001 Madrid.
Phone: 91 522 08 50.
Hours of operation: open every day from 13:00 to 00:00. On Sundays only open until 16:30.

Honest Greens

In case you feel like ordering healthy food at home, consider Honest Green. To place your order you will have to download the Honest Green app, or use the Glovo platform. The restaurant is characterized by using organic products, without preservatives and seasonal ingredients.

Honest Greens

Address: C. de Hortaleza, 100, 28004 Madrid.
Phone: 931 22 76 64.
Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 00:00 and Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 to 00:00.

Antoñita the Fantastic

In case you want to eat something traditional from Madrid, but with an original and interesting touch, be sure to try the dishes proposed by Chef Fernando Muyo at Antoñita la Fantástica. The restaurant's motto is 'Más madrileños que los callos y más castizos que el cocido'. You can order at home through Ubereats or Glovo.

Address: Mercado Barceló, C. de Barceló, 6, Planta 2 local 305, 28004 Madrid.
Phone: 608 09 58 67.
Hours of operation: open daily from 13:00 to 16:30 and from 19:30 to 00:00.

These are some of the best restaurants in Madrid that offer food delivery. As you can see, you will have at your disposal a wide variety of restaurants specialized in different cuisines, so when you do not feel like cooking, you can order any type of food you want to enjoy.

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