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The Most Expensive Hotels in Madrid [Luxury Hotels with 5 Stars].

Mandarin Oriental Ritz Madrid

We present the list of luxury hotels in Madrid where you can enjoy a 5 star stay in this great city. In Madrid you can visit hundreds of places, there are lots of experiences to live, you can meet its people, know its history and of course, wake up in the big capital to live all this.

Having said all this, we are going to give you a tour through the most expensive hotels in Madridemphasizing luxury hotels in Madrid with 5 stars, where you can feel as if you were in paradise itself.

Luxury Hotels in Madrid; Our Select 5 Star Hotels Guide

At the time of choosing hotelsWe must compare all their services, from room service to the WiFi itself, whether it reaches our room or not. Let's remember that we are talking about and comparing between the luxury hotels in Madridnot a couple of hotels to save the day if we are away from home. We want this article to serve to inform you about the hotels and make your final decision when it comes to staying.

Although the list may be missing some hotels, you will find those that are elite in their sector, so let's start with this.

Hotel Villa Magna [5 Star, Grand Luxury].

Hotel Villa Magna - The Most Expensive Hotels in Madrid

This hotel is in the "Top" of the best and most glamorous in Madrid. The establishment is really beautiful and surely when you pass by the Paseo de la Castellana you will see that there is something there that distinguishes itself from the rest. That is the Hotel Villa Magnawhere your customers will be able to enjoy a unique and unrepeatable stay.

This hotel used to be a palacehas 150 rooms and it has a privileged location in the neighborhood of Salamanca where it has several nearby museums that make this hotel something special. It is located in the best commercial district and is surely the best hotel to explore the great capital of Spain.

Regarding the rooms of this hotel, they are very large and are decorated with luxury items and excellent quality. Its style is a mixture of contemporary and classic, with some baroque and modernist touches.

  • Clients can choose from several different rooms, such as: Grand Prestige, Grand Deluxe, Magna or Deluxe.
  • They also have several options to choose from suites: Villa Magna, Executive or Junior.
  • If we talk about the Premium: Royal Suite, Royal, Prestige or Castellana.

The fact is that all of them have the latest technology and excellent services such as ergonomic slippers or the mini bar.

Regarding the service, they offer us services that we would not have in other hotels such as Bentley limousine service or complimentary Nespresso coffees. There are also complimentary shoeshine services and even 300 thread count Egyptian cotton bed linens. These attentions will undoubtedly make our stay more comfortable with a feeling of luxury at all times.

The kitchen of this hotel is one of the parts of the hotel that they pamper the most because it is gastronomy The hotel itself plays an important role for guests to enjoy themselves in a country where the food is excellent. There are several restaurants, bars and lounges where you can truly enjoy gastronomic delights.

Offers a spa servicewhere you can completely relax and remove all that stress you accumulate. It includes a water area with jacuzzi, Turkish bath, sauna and other amenities.

Villa Magna Hotel Spa

The best thing is that it is decorated with luxurious materials that make you think about whether to stay there for life or make an effort and get out of there to leave. Through the combination of the sound of the water, the music and the aromas of the Mediterranean, they make your body relax completely and do not make you want to leave paradise.

And of course it has a gymnasium fully equipped open 24 hours a day of the day. Intended for those who want to travel and still maintain their fitness through an exercise routine.

In short, this is one of the best and most luxurious hotels in Madrid. Its rates can vary depending on the suites, rooms or services we have obtained as an extra, ranging from 400 to 1,000 euros.

Hotel Ritz Madrid [5 Stars, Grand Luxury].

Luxury Hotels in Madrid: Mandarin Oriental Ritz Madrid

We can say that the Ritz hotel in Madrid is another of the great luxury stars when it comes to the services and quality it offers. In 2020 rebranded and reopened as the Mandarin Oriental Ritz. Like the one mentioned above, this hotel also was a palaceIt is a baroque style building in the center of the great capital. Great personalities, Hollywood actors as well as royal families have passed through it.

Available at the Prado Museum, the Retiro Park and the Botanical Garden. quite close. This means that if you stay here, you will only have to walk a short distance. a few meters without having to wait or call a cab to visit and get to know these tourist destinations.

Gastronomy is very important for this hotel as well as for the rest of Spain. Here are located two restaurantsOne is more oriented to the informal style, that is, what people usually eat at home. The other is more of a cuisine that creates gastronomic delights from whatever the chef comes up with.

The restaurants and bars of the hotel itself are usually places for meetings of people who have power in the Spanish high society. Somehow, you may be lucky enough to meet a soccer player or a deputy of a political party, famous actor among others.

It has a large terrace with a garden that is usually the most used by its customers in summer. This is due to the fact that the sun enters the terrace in the morning and doesn't leave until the evening, giving the guests a tan and a little bit of Vitamin D!

Exterior view - hotel Ritz - The Most Expensive Hotels in Madrid | Luxury Hotels with 5 Stars

It has a 120 rooms and 42 suitesall fully equipped with the best technology and excellent materials. An example is the embroidered linen sheets, period furniture, hand knotted carpets, marble bathrooms with golden faucets. Each of them has mini bar service, room service and also a great plus point is that they have a wonderful outside view. There are several suites Premium with unique designs, inspired by the union and history of the hotel with the city, culture and art of Madrid.

The Ritz Hotel also has a gym fully equipped with the best machines open the 24 hours of the day. At the same time, it has a spa where you can receive massages, beauty treatments or visit the saunas.

It is a luxury hotel for those seeking exquisiteness in accommodation. Rooms can be found from 340 to 800 euros.

Westin Palace Hotel [5 Star, Grand Luxury].

This hotel is one of the oldest which is still standing in the heart of Madrid. With more than 105 years of history, it has witnessed the passing of great historians, philosophers and even the best painters such as Salvador Dalí. About this last character, the hotel management comments that he stayed in a room to paint the women.

Surely is one of the largest hotels of Madrid, with 2400 m² of surface area, where it has 470 rooms and 51 suites.

In addition, the restaurant's kitchen offers a delicious food made with local products which is highly valued by its customers and by great culinary critics who have been able to taste it.

The rooms are fully equipped with all kinds of services, and what's more, when you get to your room a waiter asks permission to enter the room. The reason for this is to leave some trays with a variety of different chocolates and various berries with antioxidant power to welcome the customer.

And if you are a person who likes more cocktails, coffees or snacks, at the bar offer an excellent service with live music.

The building's decor is on a large glass dome tinted and attracts a lot of attention to people walking through the center of Madrid. It stands out for its  architectural style and since it was founded, it has maintained its essence in spite of several remodeling works. In fact, a very important point to comment on is that it was named cultural heritage. It should be noted that being located in the center, it also has several monuments and museums nearby, such as the Prado, the Reina Sofía and Thyssen-Bornemisza museums.

La Rotonda Restaurant

It has a large restaurant "La Rotonda". which is very famous all over Madrid since they offer from the Asian cuisine to the Spanish cuisine with all its typical dishes. In the hotel itself, there are also meetings for business or just to get together with your family and enjoy your stay in the Palace's lounge.

Like all luxurious hotels, this one offers a gymnasium of 115 m² and you can make use of it all day long. 24 hours a day with the room key. However, at the time this article was created, it does not offer private classes. But this is not limiting, because you can prepare an exercise routine yourself because it has many machines for both cardio and toning.

In short, the Westin Palace Hotel is one of the best hotels to stay in to feel the history of Madrid. Additionally the history of this hotel, with its baroque style will make you feel as if you were in the twentieth century.

The client can choose all types of rooms or suites, with large or extra-large beds, with views of the city or views of important monuments in Madrid. The price can range from 450 euros per night to 900 euros if we opt for more premium services.

Hotel Urban [5 Stars].

Hotel Urban Madrid

Next, we are going to talk about a hotel that is making the direct competition to all the hotels mentioned aboveand can be positioned as the first. This is because it is located in a financial, cultural and commercial center of Madrid. This hotel takes great care of the details of the style and have the architecture to perfection. It also has a futuristic design that contrasts with authentic collections of ancient art, which means that the hotel is located in the financial, cultural and commercial center of Madrid. the Urban is a unique hotel.

It is decorated with marbles of GuatemalaThe central core is made of gold tesserae. The sum of these details make visitors feel in a privileged place.

An important fact is that the hotel is surrounded by art, that is, it is located in a triangulation of museums formed by: the Museo del Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza and Reina Sofía. It also allows easy access to the most important tourist attractions of the city, such as the Paseo del Prado, Puerta del Sol or Retiro Park..

With an avant-garde and peculiar style, it features 96 rooms and 17 premium suites very special. They are decorated with authentic Egyptian, Chinese, Indian, African and European pieces, all of which are on display. Because of the above, is that the Urban stands out so much to the public, people usually visit it as if it were a museum. It can be said that it is truly a museum, since they have invested a lot of time and money in making a hotel so that the public can visit it as if it were a museum. to stand out from the rest.

Terrace of the Urban Madrid hotel

The simplest room is 40 m² and has all types of services such as mini bar, whirlpool and others. Guests can also enjoy views of the hotel's atrium or the Carrera de San Jeronimo.

If we talk about the suites more privileged They have everything you can imagine, from individual air conditioning to safety boxes for laptops. This makes the client notice a comfort and security that you will not find in other places. The best suite includes a large glazed window of more than four meters in heightcombining comfort, style and design with an excellent result.

As for its cuisine and restaurant, we can speak highly of it, as it has been awarded with a Michelin star. So if you come to eat at the ".CEBO Restaurant"You will be able to enjoy an exquisite gastronomic variety. They themselves describe their cuisine as a fusion of Mediterranean, Madrid and Barcelona food. And if that were not enough, they offer a service that they call "a project", Glass MarThe restaurant offers ideal dishes to enjoy accompanied by cocktails invented by them.

Do not forget that the Urban has swimming pool with sun loungers, umbrellas and bar on the terrace.

In addition to a gymnasium open the 24 hours a day y a spa with steam baths and several saunas.

As for the price of this luxury hotel in Madrid we can say that is likely to be the most economical of all. If you can book it in advance, it can cost an average of 200 to 300 euros per night. Compared to many luxury hotels, it would be half or three quarters of the price. less than the standard price.

Gran Meliá Palacio de los Duques [5 Stars, Grand Luxury].

Luxury Hotels in Madrid: Gran Melia Palacio de los Duques Hotel

This hotel is one of the most important for its chain. Meliá Hotels InternationalThe company has been in charge of opening hotels all over the world. They have around 370 hotels in more than 40 countries and mainly focus on Europe and South America. This hotel is special for them because it fuses art and history in a unique and unique way. luxury hotel in the heart of Madrid.

The building is a sophisticated yet comfortable establishment and is located in a cultural space, next to the main tourist attractions in the center of Madrid. As we were commenting before, they are: the Prado Museum, the Retiro Park and the Botanical Garden..

The hotel is equipped with functional facilities, where Meliá Hotels is committed to gastronomy. With this incorporates 3 restaurantsThe restaurant has a cocktail bar and a lounge where you can have coffee or tea. The idea of its cuisine is based on the traditional food o typical of Spain and Madrid.

They have a large gymnasium fully equipped with state-of-the-art machines and open to the public. 24 hours a day.

Likewise, the spa is quite large and offers a wide range of massages and treatments for visitors. It has saunas, several jacuzzis for relaxation and is decorated in an atmosphere totally in tune with relaxation.

Terrace of the Hotel Gran Melia Madird

This hotel offers excellent quality services but stands out for its attention to of its personnel. In this sense, the company's human resources are quite cheerful, friendly and service oriented to be attentive to the needs of its visitors.

The hotel has a garden of more than 1000 m² and a swimming pool located in the penthouse that offers a beautiful view of the Royal Palace and Cathedral. There you can relax in the water, observing authentic monuments of Madrid, as well as the busy streets.

The hotel also has 5 meeting rooms with natural lighting equipped with computers, laptops and even a screen and whiteboard.

Regarding the hotel's structure, has 6 floors with some 540 rooms single, double or triple rooms. In addition, it has a 8 design suitesAll of them are air-conditioned and fully equipped with all the hotel's services.

The rates can vary according to the rooms in which we stay, but also by the services in which we choose. The price for our stay is usually around 380 to 450 per night.

Hotel Palacio del Retiro [5 Stars, Historic Monument].

Hotel palacio de retiro

As its name suggests, this hotel is also was a large palace. And it is that things add up when we talk about the great hotels in Madrid, all of them were palaces. Mainly the Retiro Palace stands out because it has been declared as national monument. It should be noted that only a privileged few can enjoy the pleasure of resting in one of the few historic buildings in the heart of Madrid. It receives this name because, as you can imagine, it is in front of the Retiro Park and also has many tourist attractions nearby.

Among its most outstanding features is its full-service business center and includes five meeting rooms. It is an ideal place for conferences and celebrations.

Hotel Palacio del Retiro Room

It also has several rooms so that the visitor can choose where to stay for a total of 50 rooms. A very relevant point of these rooms is that The original wood floors and ceiling moldings have been preserved. Other hotels, such as the Palace, have had to undergo renovations because they could not withstand the same conditions as 100 years ago. But the Palacio del Retiro is the only one that has kept everything in the same properties for more than a hundred years.

Your room Presidential suite has 100m², air conditioning and the best technology apart from a butler service. Its most standard rooms are usually around 30m² with all kinds of services included such as mini bar or room service.

Perhaps the only area where it lags a little is in your restaurantThe hotel has not invested as much as in other hotels. Although excellent food and the offer of Mediterranean food including light snacks and more elaborate dishes makes it a somewhat complex restaurant.

"The Suite Bar, is designed with a modern and warm environment with different environments, complemented with a 24-hour room service.

Incorporates a gym with cardiovascular training equipment, weights and various exercise machines.

Likewise, it has a swimming pool with whirlpool bath. Your spa offers a wide range of treatments such as manicures, pedicures, make-up, facial and body massages as well as sports treatments.

Spending a night at the Hotel Palacio del Retiro can cost us about 300 euros on average. If you like, the price is somewhat insignificant compared to the other hotels but well worth it, if you want to see inside how it was a Palace in the heart of 20th century Madrid.

Luxury Hotels in Madrid; Final Reviews

In short, we can find a lot of luxury hotels in Madridboth 5-star and 5-star Grand Luxury that will make us feel very comfortable as soon as we enter the reception. In conclusion, these are the 6 best when it comes to their services as well as to know the hotel itself.

It is important to look at and compare all luxury hotels, as many focus on some specific aspects that others do not. The one that manages to strike a balance between them all will be the best. We hope you find this information useful and that you decide to live a high quality experience.

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