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The Best Bars To Watch Soccer in Madrid

In the vibrant city of Madrid, the passion for soccer beats in the heart of every Madrilenian. In our quest to provide unique experiences, we believe that finding the perfect bar to enjoy the exciting matches is essential. Madrid is a city that offers a variety of bars with different atmospheres and gastronomic offerings, which makes us think about the importance of highlighting those places that make soccer an unforgettable experience. From traditional bars to modern and themed venues, the Spanish capital has something for every fan. Join us on this tour of the best bars to watch soccer in Madrid.

Outstanding Bars To Enjoy Football

The Golden Fountain

Located in the heart of downtown Madrid, The Golden Fountain is a corner with history. Founded in 1823, this bar has witnessed countless victories and defeats. Its soccer atmosphere is palpable, with screens strategically placed so that every customer can enjoy the match without missing a single detail. The gastronomic offer is an ode to Spanish cuisine, with tapas and traditional dishes that perfectly accompany each soccer match. It is a place where tradition and passion go hand in hand, making each visit a unique experience.

Soccer Bar Brewery

If you are looking for an immersive soccer experience, Soccer Bar Brewery is the perfect place. Located in a lively neighborhood in Madrid, this bar has multiple high-definition screens that broadcast the games with amazing clarity. The gastronomic offer includes a selection of international beers and dishes to share that will satisfy all tastes. It is a place where soccer is celebrated as a community, and every goal shout becomes a shared moment of joy.

O'Connell St PUB

With a privileged location in the heart of Madrid, O'Connell St PUB is a friendly and hospitable corner that transports you to Ireland. In addition to offering an exceptional soccer experience with screens in every direction, this bar is also known for its live events, from live music performances to trivia and karaoke nights. The dining offerings are varied, with classic Irish dishes and options for comfort food lovers.

Themed and Modern Bars

LaLiga 29's Madrid Bar

For innovation and technology lovers, LaLiga 29's Madrid Bar is a soccer jewel. Located in one of the trendiest areas of Madrid, this bar offers a unique experience thanks to its eSports and augmented reality area. The immersive screens immerse you in the match in a way you've never experienced before. The gastronomic offer is equally avant-garde, with dishes that fuse Spanish cuisine with international touches.

NFL Madrid Tapas Bar

If you are a fan of more than one sport, NFL Madrid Tapas Bar is the place to be. In addition to broadcasting soccer games, this bar offers a wide selection of sports, from soccer to basketball and more. The gastronomic offer is varied, with tapas and dishes that allow you to enjoy a delicious meal while following several sporting events simultaneously.

Beerhouse Madrid

Beerhouse Madrid is the perfect place for beer and soccer lovers. With a wide selection of craft beers, this bar combines the passion for drinking and sports in a modern and cozy atmosphere. High-definition screens ensure that you won't miss a single moment of the action on the field while enjoying a unique beer. It's a corner where beer, soccer and camaraderie come together to offer an unforgettable experience.

In Madrid, every match becomes a celebration and every goal a shout of joy. We invite you to explore these bars and discover the magic of enjoying soccer in the Spanish capital. Whether you are looking for a traditional experience or something more avant-garde, Madrid has the perfect bar for you.

Bars with Unique Gastronomic Offers

Revival Café

Revival Cafélocated in the heart of Madrid, is a corner that combines the passion for soccer with an exceptional gastronomic offer. This bar embodies the essence of the city, with its decoration that pays tribute to the history of Madrid's soccer. High-definition screens are strategically placed so that fans don't miss any detail of the match. But what really distinguishes Revival Café is its gastronomic offer, which goes beyond traditional tapas. Here, you can delight in creative dishes that fuse local and international flavors. From gourmet burgers to sushi, every bite is a unique culinary experience that perfectly complements the excitement of soccer.

Only Croquettes

In the world of gastronomy, croquettes have a special place in the hearts of the people of Madrid. And in Only CroquettesThis passion is masterfully combined with a passion for soccer. This cozy bar specializes in a wide variety of croquettes, from the classic ham and chicken croquettes to more creative options such as truffle or baby squid in its own ink. The bar's central location makes it the perfect place to watch the games while enjoying these culinary delights. The gastronomic offerings at Sólo de Croquetas are a celebration of the versatility of this traditional Spanish dish, and each croquette is a work of art in itself, created with love and devotion to the cuisine.

More about Soccer in Madrid

Soccer Leagues

In Madrid, soccer is a passion that is lived in every street and corner of the city. In addition to the La LigaMadrid, Spain's most prominent soccer competition, is home to several teams competing in different categories. From the renowned Real Madridone of the most successful clubs in the world, to the Atlético de Madridknown for its fierce rivalry with Real Madrid, the city has teams that arouse passions and unwavering loyalties. Local leagues also have a strong presence, providing opportunities for young talent and promoting sports throughout the community.

Madrid Soccer Teams

Madrid is home to some of the most emblematic soccer teams in Spain and the world. The Real Madridwith its rich history and iconic stadium, the Santiago Bernabeu, is one of the most successful clubs in the history of soccer. The Atlético de Madridknown for its fighting spirit, also has a passionate fan base and plays at the modern Wanda Metropolitano. In addition, the city is home to other teams, such as the Rayo Vallecanowhich has a strong presence in the community and promotes local values.

Major Soccer Events

Madrid has been the scene of major soccer events over the years. From 1982 World Cup finals to UEFA Champions League finals at the Estadio Metropolitano in 2019, the city has hosted unforgettable moments in world soccer. In addition, the Spanish Super Cup final has become an exciting annual event that brings together some of La Liga's top teams. Major soccer events are not only an opportunity to enjoy the sport, but also to experience the passion and energy that Madrid brings to every match.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which are the bars with the best screens to watch soccer in Madrid?

In Madrid, there are several bars that offer excellent screens to watch soccer in high definition. Some of the most prominent include The Golden Fountain, Soccer Bar Brewery, y Revival Caféwhere you can enjoy an immersive soccer experience with crisp images and an exciting atmosphere.

Which bars offer promotions during game days?

Many bars in Madrid offer special promotions during match days so that fans can enjoy the experience even more. Places such as O'Connell St PUB y Only Croquettes often offer specials on drinks and food during the games, which makes the visit even more attractive.

What are the bars with the best soccer atmosphere in Madrid?

The best soccer atmosphere can be found in bars such as Soccer Bar Brewerywhere the passion for soccer is felt in every corner. Also, places like LaLiga 29's Madrid Barwith its eSports and augmented reality area, offer a unique experience that combines technology and soccer excitement.


In conclusion, Madrid is a city that beats to the rhythm of soccer, and the experience of enjoying the games in the city's bars is simply unparalleled. From traditional bars with high-definition screens to modern, themed venues offering immersive experiences, the Spanish capital has something for every soccer fan.

We have explored emblematic bars such as The Golden Fountain y Soccer Bar Brewerywhere the passion for soccer is combined with a delicious gastronomic offer. We have also discovered themed places such as LaLiga 29's Madrid BarThe new facilities incorporate state-of-the-art technology to provide a unique soccer experience.

In addition, we answered frequently asked questions about the best bars to watch soccer in Madrid, from where to find the best screens to where to enjoy promotions during match days.

In Madrid, soccer is more than a sport; it is a way of life. And these bars are the places where that passion comes alive, where goals are celebrated with jubilation and where every match becomes an unforgettable experience. So, the next time you're in Madrid and want to enjoy soccer like a true Madrileño, you know where to go: Viva el fútbol and viva Madrid!

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