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Discover the Best Getaways Near Madrid

Natural Adventures Near Madrid

Madrid, Spain's vibrant capital, is an epicenter of culture, art and gastronomy. However, beyond its bustling urban rhythm, there are hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Within easy reach of the city, there are destinations that offer the perfect getaway, whether for a day or a weekend. From quaint towns with historic charm to natural sites of serene beauty, the options are varied and enriching. We invite you to explore these corners near Madrid, where tranquility, history and nature intertwine to provide unique and memorable experiences. Discover with us the best getaways near Madrid, ideal to disconnect from routine and immerse yourself in adventures that revitalize the spirit and enrich the soul.

The Angostura Valley

We are overcome with a sense of tranquility when we speak of the Angostura ValleyA haven of peace that awaits just a breath away from Madrid. We firmly believe that this place is a hidden treasure, a natural refuge that promises disconnection and adventure in equal parts.

History of the Valley

The history of the Angostura Valley is as rich as its biodiversity. It is said that its trails have witnessed the passage of diverse cultures and civilizations, each one leaving its mark on the landscape. Its streams and mountains have seen kingdoms rise and empires fall, and we feel privileged to be able to immerse ourselves in its past with every excursion we organize.

Recommended Activities

When we enter this valley, we highly recommend it:

  • Hiking: With routes that vary in difficulty, from family rides to trails for the more adventurous.
  • Mountain biking: Its forest roads are a challenge and a pleasure for lovers of two wheels.
  • Bird watching: The valley is an idyllic place for ornithologists, with species that can only be seen in these places.

The Luis Ceballos Arboretum

The Luis Ceballos Arboretum is a botanical garden that not only teaches us about flora, but also connects us with the very essence of nature. We are proud to present this space as a living cathedra of the biodiversity of our region.

Featured Species

We take the time to stop and admire each highlighted species:

  • Pines and birches: Representative of the autochthonous vegetation.
  • Collection of endemisms: Unique plants of our geography that remind us of the importance of conservation.

Guided Tours

We value each guided tour as an opportunity to educate and share our love for the environment. These visits become an enriching experience for both the visitor and our guides, who are eager to pass on their knowledge of this green sanctuary.

Cultural and Artistic Experiences

The Roman City of Complutum

The visit to the Roman City of Complutum becomes a journey through time that takes us back to the essence of a time when togas and sandals were the daily attire. We think it is essential to rescue and live the historical heritage that is just a step away from the hectic life of Madrid.

History of Complutum

The history of Complutum, the ancient city that today lies at the heart of Alcalá de Henares, is a vibrant chapter of the Roman legacy on the peninsula. Founded in the 1st century BC, this city was a hub of commerce and culture. We marvel at the traces that have survived the passage of time and tell stories of a glorious past.

Guided Tours and Activities

With a firm belief in the importance of cultural diffusion, we offer:

  • Thematic guided tours: Where traditions are revived and the technological advances of Roman times are explained.
  • Archaeology workshops: They invite you to discover the secrets of the past in a practical and entertaining way.

San Agustín de Guadalix

The town of San Agustín de Guadalix presents itself to us as a blank canvas where urban art expresses itself with freedom and audacity. It is a space where contemporary art and tradition intertwine in a unique and surprising way.

MUSA Museum of Urban Art

We pride ourselves on guiding our visitors through the MUSA Museum of Urban Artan innovative project that transforms the urban environment into an open-air gallery. This space is a testimony of evolving art, a museum without walls that invites reflection and dialogue.

Featured Artists

We celebrate the talent of outstanding artists who have left their mark on MUSA, each bringing their unique vision and transforming common spaces into vibrant stages of cultural expression.

  • Local and international graffiti artists: With their aerosols, they bring color and life to the streets.
  • Urban sculptors: Whose works challenge our perceptions of public space.

Wine Excursions

The Highest Winery in Europe

The visit to the Finca Río Negro Winery offers us a unique experience, not only because it is located at an altitude that distinguishes it as the highest winery in Europe, but also because of the peculiar characteristics of its terroir that define the personality of its wines. We are passionate about discovering and sharing the flavor that the altitude brings to the grapes and, consequently, to the wine.

History of Finca Río Negro

The history of Finca Río Negro is fascinating and exemplary; it is the story of a commitment to quality and differentiation. Founded in an unusual area for growing grapes, this winery is the result of the vision and effort of a family that dreamed of creating wines of height in the Iberian Peninsula. We appreciate every detail that connects us with their legacy and is reflected in every bottle they produce.

Wine Tasting and Tours

The wine tastings and tours Finca Río Negro is an immersion into the world of oenology and high altitude viticulture:

  • Guided tastings: Where you can appreciate the distinctive notes that the climate and soil bring to the wines.
  • Tours of the vineyard and winery: They allow us to understand the entire process, from the vine to the glass.

Charming Towns

Fresnedillas de la Oliva

At Fresnedillas de la OlivaA town that exudes charm and authenticity, we delight in the tranquility of its streets and the hospitality of its people. This place, a small piece of Madrid's history and culture, invites us to immerse ourselves in projects and museums that are both educational and inspiring.

Casas con Vida Project

The Casas con Vida Project in Fresnedillas is a proud initiative to rehabilitate and breathe new life into old buildings in the village. This project reflects our belief in the importance of preserving traditional architecture while infusing it with new energy and purpose for future generations.

Lunar Museum

The Lunar Museum is a tribute to the people's contribution to the space race, particularly the Apollo XI mission. This museum is a space where curiosity and wonder meet, and where adults and children can learn about space and lunar exploration, subjects that spark the imagination of us all.

Little Known Places

Exploring the less traveled corners and discovering the best kept secrets is part of our philosophy. There are little known places that are waiting to be discovered by the most curious and adventurous.

Unique Destinations

We are excited to share these unique destinations that stand out from conventional tourism:

  • San Juan reservoir: A perfect aquatic oasis to escape the summer heat.
  • La Hiruela: A small village that seems stopped in time, ideal for nature lovers and tranquility.

Recommended Activities

The recommended actions in these little-known places range from contemplation to adventure:

  • Guided hiking: For those who wish to immerse themselves in the local flora and fauna.
  • Gastronomic routes: Where you can taste traditional dishes from the mountains of Madrid.


What is the maximum distance to consider a getaway near Madrid?

We believe that a getaway near Madrid can vary, but generally encompasses destinations that are no more than a two-hour drive away, allowing you to fully enjoy the day and return at your leisure.

What kind of activities can be enjoyed in these getaways?

In these getaways a wide range of activities can be enjoyed:

  • Cultural: Visits to historical monuments and charming villages.
  • Nature: Hiking, horseback riding and bird watching.
  • Gastronomy: Wine tastings and tastings of local products.

What is the weather like in the destinations mentioned?

The weather in these destinations varies according to season and altitude:

  • Summer: Warm and dry, ideal for aquatic and nocturnal activities.
  • Winter: Colder, especially in mountain areas, perfect for enjoying the snow.


In conclusion, every getaway we propose is imbued with a desire to connect with the essence of Madrid and its surroundings. We strive to discover and recommend places that offer more than just a visit; we seek experiences that leave a mark in the hearts and memories of our visitors. We firmly believe that the true value of a trip is measured in the emotions it arouses and the stories that are born from it. We are committed to continue offering quality, attractive and expert content that exalts the cultural, natural and human richness of our beloved region.

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