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Top 10 Hotels by Hours in Madrid

In the vibrant city of Madrid, we understand that every minute counts. That's why the convenience and flexibility of hotels by the hour have revolutionized the way travelers and locals make use of time and space. Whether it's for a brief stopover, a refuge to focus on an important project, or simply to rest for a few hours before continuing your adventure around the city, these establishments offer a practical and economical solution. Our goal is to provide a curated list of the best hotels by the hour in Madrid, ensuring that each recommendation is an exceptional experience.

Hotel Listings

Hotel Liabeny Madrid

Located in the heart of Madrid, the Hotel Liabeny offers timeless elegance with the flexibility you require. Its rooms, furnished with a classic touch, provide the comfort you need for a brief respite or a few hours of restful relaxation.

  • Privileged location: Steps from Puerta del Sol and Gran Vía.
  • Outstanding services: Free Wi-Fi, fitness center and room service.
  • Website:

NH Madrid Ventas

The NH Madrid Ventas is synonymous with contemporary comfort. Perfect for those seeking peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city, especially if you plan to attend an event at the nearby bullring.

NH Alcorcón

If you are looking for a quick access to Madrid without being in the heart of the city center, the NH Alcorcón is your ideal choice. A few minutes by train from the city center, it offers rooms by the hour in a quieter environment.

Hotel Porcel Avant

Elegant and practical, the Hotel Porcel Avant is perfect for a technical stop on your itinerary. With its avant-garde design and attention to detail, it is an oasis of modernity.

B&B Hotel Madrid Airport T4

Ideal for travelers looking for proximity to the airport, the B&B Hotel Madrid Airport T4 offers hassle-free convenience and airport transfer, perfect for a short but comfortable stay.

Hotel Clement Barajas

Just a few minutes away from the airport terminals, the Hotel Clement Barajas offers elegant rooms by the hour, where relaxation and functionality go hand in hand.

Hotel taCH Madrid Airport

The Hotel taCH Madrid Airportwith its modern design and services geared to the contemporary traveler, is a smart choice for those who need to recharge their batteries between flights.

  • Connection to the airport: Efficient and punctual transfer.
  • Relaxed atmosphere: Bar-lounge to disconnect.
  • Website:

NH Madrid Ribera del Manzanares

Facing the Manzanares River, the NH Madrid Ribera del Manzanares allows you to enjoy serene views and rooms by the hour in a less busy but equally charming area.

Hilton Madrid Airport

The Hilton Madrid Airport is not only synonymous with luxury and comfort, but also with adaptability, with room by the hour options for demanding travelers.

Hotel Vincci Soho

In the neighborhood of Las Letras, the Hotel Vincci Soho is characterized by its artistic design and boutique concept, offering short stays full of style and sophistication.

In our constant quest to offer experiences that meet and exceed your expectations, each hotel has been meticulously selected, considering both the quality of its facilities and excellence in service. We understand that trust and authority are crucial in our recommendation, so we ensure that each establishment meets the highest standards of hospitality. With us, you will discover that every moment in Madrid can be as rewarding as you plan it to be.

Key Locations

Near the airport

When we are passing through or in transit, every second counts, and the proximity to the airport becomes a non-negotiable convenience. With this in mind, we offer hotels strategically located minutes away from the airport. Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airportfacilitating late arrivals or early departures. These hotels not only promise a privileged location with shuttle service, but also the peace of mind of knowing that the next flight is just a short distance away without the stress of city traffic.

  • Accessibility: Proximity to terminals and public transportation.
  • Comfort: Less travel and more rest time.

In the center of Madrid

The heart of Madrid pulsates with a unique energy, and to stay in the center is to immerse yourself in the history and culture that the city has to offer. Our selected hotels in this area are perfect for those who wish to have historical monuments, museums, restaurants and vibrant nightlife at their fingertips. We offer you the opportunity to experience Madrid from its core, where every corner is a discovery and every step a new adventure.

  • Urban life: Total immersion in Madrid's culture.
  • Ease of mobility: All within walking distance or a short subway ride.

Near Atocha

Atocha station is not only a communications hub, it is also a gateway to the city for those arriving by train. The hotels we recommend in this area are ideal for travelers looking for connectivity to other Spanish cities or areas of Madrid. The proximity to Atocha station allows you to maximize your time, enjoy the convenience of short transfers and take advantage of every moment of your stay, whether for a few hours or an entire night.

  • Railway connections: Facilities for intercity travelers.
  • Cultural proximity: A stone's throw from the Art Triangle.

Featured Services

Free Wifi

We understand that internet connection is essential, both for the business traveler and the tourist. That is why we highlight hotels that offer Free Wifi in their facilities, ensuring that communication, work and online entertainment are accessible at all times. This convenience has become a basic expectation, and our hotels meet this indispensable requirement for a hassle-free stay.

  • Connectivity assured: Ideal for work and digital leisure.
  • No additional costs: Internet access with no bill surprises.


For travelers arriving in Madrid in their own vehicle or renting a vehicle to get around, the parking becomes essential. We offer a selection of hotels that have parking facilities, either in the same building or nearby, so that the safety and comfort of your vehicle is guaranteed. This provides peace of mind and saves the time that would be wasted looking for a safe place to leave your car.

  • Easy parking: Convenience for those who prefer to travel by car.
  • Vehicle safety: Protected and guarded parking.

Room Service

The room service is a luxury that makes all the difference, allowing you to enjoy a meal or snack without leaving the comfort of your room. Whether for those who need undisturbed relaxation or for those who prefer privacy, our hotels offer efficient and discreet room service, with a wide range of culinary options.

  • Availability and privacy: Eat and rest without leaving the room.
  • Gastronomic variety: Menus designed for all tastes and needs.

We strive to ensure that these services are not mere add-ons, but essential elements that enrich your experience and meet your needs with the highest quality and reliability.

Reservation and Rates

Reservation Process

We know that a simple and transparent booking process is essential for a satisfactory experience. That's why we highlight hotels that allow you to book rooms in a simple and transparent way. agile and secure through their websites, mobile apps or by phone, offering instant confirmations. We make sure you can book your room for the hours you need without hassle, with the ability to modify or cancel your reservation with flexible policies that fit your plans.

  • Reservation in easy steps: Efficiency and clarity in the process.
  • Flexible policies: Easy cancellation or changes.

Price Range

Hourly hotel rates vary depending on location, hotel category and additional services offered. Our selection includes options for all budgetsfrom budget accommodations to luxury options. We are committed to transparency in pricing, ensuring that you always know what you are paying for and getting in return.

  • Price transparency: No hidden charges or surprises.
  • Variety of options: To suit different budgets and needs.


The microstays are ideal for those who need a place to rest, work or relax for a few hours during the day. Our offer includes hotels that allow reservations from 1 hour and up, with all the comforts of a regular stay. This flexibility is perfect for business travelers, tourists in transit or couples looking for a private space.

  • Flexible schedules: Adaptable to your itinerary.
  • All amenities included: Take advantage of all the hotel's services.

Short Stays

The short stays are usually less than 24 hours but longer than micro-stays. They are an excellent option for delayed flights, missed connections or simply to enjoy a quick city break. We select hotels that offer competitive rates for short stays, providing an economical solution without sacrificing comfort or access to premium services.

  • Competitive rates: Maximize your budget.
  • Full service: Access to all hotel services without limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to book a hotel by hours in Madrid? To book a hotel by the hour in Madrid, simply visit the website of the hotel of your choice, select the option to book by the hour, choose your schedule and complete the booking process. You can also call the hotel directly or use applications specialized in this type of reservations.

Which hotels by the hour offer airport shuttle service? Several hotels by hours near the Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport offer free shuttle service. In our selection, we highlight hotels such as B&B Hotel Madrid Aeropuerto T4 and Hotel Clement Barajas for their efficient transfer service.

What is the price range for hotels by the hour in Madrid? The price range for hotels by the hour in Madrid can vary significantly depending on the category of the hotel and the duration of the stay. Prices can start from as little as 20 euros for a few hours in budget hotels, to over 100 euros in high-end hotels.


In short, Madrid offers an excellent range of hotels by the hour to suit a variety of needs and budgets. From short stays to recharge your batteries, to a comfortable place to work for a few hours in privacy, the Spanish capital has it all. We encourage you to explore the possibilities that hotels by the hour can offer you on your next visit to this dynamic and lively city. Not only will you find efficiency and convenience, but you can also enjoy the flexibility you deserve. Discover the freedom to travel your way and transform your hours in Madrid into memorable moments!

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